Re: Design Camp

AIGA Minnesota invited us out to speak at Design Camp which is one of the largest regional design conferences and we’ve just returned from the long trip. All-in-all our time at the conference and in Minneapolis was incredible, but here’s a smattering of the bits that we really loved about our trip.

The Speakers: We were introduced to the amazing folks that we’d be speaking with once we landed. The first of them was Jamie Koval of VSA Partners. He’s such a great guy and was very humble and helpful. His presentation was great and gave us a better understanding of the inner workings of his awesome agency. Next was Peter Buchanan-Smith of Best Made fame. Another amazing dude; So nice and humble. Peter presented his story of Best Made along with a few promo videos that captured his products really well. Then there was Michael Osborne. Smart, funny, brash, and honest. His presentation gave everyone a very close look at the inside of a designer’s heart. Lastly, we met and listened to Jan Wilker of KarlssonWilker in NY who was a fascinating character. Hanging out with and speaking alongside all of that immense talent was so humbling and we couldn’t thank them enough for the opportunity.

The Woods: We stayed in a cabin by Gull Lake right next to the Grand View Lodge with over 300 attendees and many more who were volunteering. People were swarming everywhere and we got to meet a lot of really nice folks who made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There were workshops to attend, meals that everyone ate together, bon fires (both on the lake and secret ones), drinks, activities, and little-sleep.

The City: We enjoyed some great coffee and stopped by our new friends at Target inHouse (who did all of the amazing branding for this years Design Camp) and got to tour their offices. We had lunch with a few designers there and they were so damned nice. Then it was onto the Studio on Fire Wonderland of Printing™. They showered us with letterpress samples and showed us their many presses turning and churning out great work. They took really great care of us and we can’t thank them enough. 

The People: Big thanks to Michael Osbourne for his heart, Jamie Koval for his wisdom, Peter Buchanan-Smith for his lessons on getting back to working with your hands, and Jan Wilker for his originality. Phil, Amanda, Sara, Kristen, and Ted from Target inHouse for their hospitality and tales. Dianne, Heidi, Seth, Brent and everyone at AIGA Minneapolis for being with us through the weekend. Finally to Studio on Fire: Selina, Ben, David, and Sam for showing us a great time and inspiring us to want to letterpress everything we design from now on.

Until next time, Minneapolis.